PIMP my Bin

Pimp Your Bin with our exciting Single Color or Panel sticker designs!
SINGLE COLOR stickers available in 7 colors:
white, yellow, orange, red, pink, lime-tree green and ice blue.

Our PANEL stickers designs is suitable for the 240l Wheelie Bins, width=40cm and height=82cm.
PANEL stickers available in 1 or 3 panel designs:

1 x Panel (Front)
3 x Panels (Left, Front & Right)

Brand your Business, Complex or Estate Bins.

We also do custom designs for businesses which will include your business logo in full or single color design.  For a complex or estate we can include your complex name or estate logo including the house number on the bin. We offer a discount on 50+ orders.

Contact us for a custom quote and more information at sales@pimpmybin.co.za.

House Number

House Number & Street Name


Mix your bin design with a variety of PIMPED Panels, Single Color stickers or your House Number and Street Name: